All-Access 1.x Upgrade Procedures

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Upgrading from 1.5 to 1.6

(Note: the name "All-Access Server" is changed to "ToolCloud", and "All-Access Client" is now "ToolBox".)

To upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6:

  1. Exit the 1.5 Client and Server.
  2. Run the 1.6 installer. It will uninstall 1.5 before installing 1.6. It will not uninstall your cached products; however, 1.6 looks for cached products in a new directory.
  3. Copy or move all of the products cached for 1.5 at C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\All-Access Server\EMBTProducts to the new location at C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\ToolCloud\EMBTProducts.
  4. Copy or move existing .slip files from C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\All-Access Server\data\licenses to C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\ToolCloud\data\licenses. Alternatively, you can re-import the .slip files later by using the Import Licenses option on the ToolCloud ADMIN page.
  5. Run the installer again to install 1.6.
  6. Start the ToolCloud.

Upgrading to the 1.5 Standalone Workstation Client/ToolBox

To update the ToolBox (also called the Client) to use the latest features and product versions:

  1. Log in to the All-Access Members page at
  2. Under Desktop Products - Current Versions download either the installer (which creates desktop shortcuts) or the InstantOn executable (which you can copy to your desktop and run).
  3. If you downloaded the installer, run it.
  4. Start the Client.

Upgrading to the 1.5 Server/ToolCloud for Network Named User and Concurrent User Licenses

To update the Server/ToolCloud to use the latest features and product versions:

  1. Back up Embarcadero License Center (ELC) directories, which are usually at C:\Embarcadero\ELCx.x.
  2. Back up the All-Access (AA) directories, which are usually at C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\All-Access Server.
  3. Download the 1.5 release from the All-Access Members page at
  4. Uninstall ELC.
  5. Uninstall All-Access Server.
  6. Install All-Access Server and when prompted, also install ELC.
  7. Obtain the email from Embarcadero-licensing that contains the login and license information.
  8. Navigate to the Retrieve Licenses page in the All-Access administration console.
    This is under the Licenses section of the Admin page.
  9. Enter the Login Name, Password, and Certificate Number(s) from the email in step 7.
  10. Click the Retrieve button.
    This will connect your All-Access server to Embarcadero's License Hosting site and retrieve your licenses.
    Note: If one of the following is true, you should use the Embarcadero License Hosting site ( and follow the instructions from step 11 to step 18; otherwise, continue to step 19.
    * Your All-Access server does not have internet access.
    * Retrieve License returns an error.
    * You are using, or plan to use, a port other than 5567 as the ELC Communication Port.
    * You are setting up a redundant license server on your network.
  11. Using the info from the email, log in to
  12. On the License Hosting page, click Host.
  13. Use the wizard to download and save embarcadero_<uniqueID>.zip.
  14. Unzip embarcadero_<uniqueID>.zip.
  15. Copy the server_<uniqueID>.slip file to <ELC_install>/conf directory.
  16. Log in to the All-Access administration console, http://localhost:80/aaserver, as the administrator.
    Note: 80 is the default port for the server. Substitute 80 with the port number you specified when installing the All-Access server (step 6). By default, the userid/password is admin/admin.
  17. In the All-Access administration console, click Import Licenses.
  18. Import the recently downloaded concurrent_<uniqueID>.slip.
  19. In the All-Access administration console, click View Products.
  20. Cache the products you want your users to access.
    * To use the product cache created in the previous version of All-Access, copy the EMBTProducts directory in the backup directory created in step 2 and paste it into the root folder of the new All-Access installation directory, usually C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\All-Access Server.
    *To cache all versions of all products, at the bottom of the Products page, click Cache All Products.
    *To cache a specific product, click the name of the product. On the product page, you will see links to download the versions available.
    **To cache all versions of the product, at the bottom of the page, click Cache all versions.
    **To cache only specific versions, next to the version you want to cache, click Cache product version.
  21. In the All-Access administration console, click Home to get to the homepage of the console, and then click Download.
    The Client is downloaded to the default location specified by your browser.
  22. Copy the Client executable from the default download location to a directory of your choice where the client preferences and logs will be kept.
  23. Start the Client and validate that new and existing products are available.