Enabling SSL Setup between AppWave and InterBase

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The following instructions walk you through enabling SSL between the AppWave Host and InterBase.

Normally this is not needed provided that access to the server is restricted appropriately by IT. However, in some cases you may want to also secure traffic on the server side between the AppWave host application and its database.

If necessary it is also possible to change credentials used in this communication. Please contact Product Support for details.

Important: Please note that this is only for the server side.

Setting up SSL Between AppWaveHost and InterBase

Before setting up SSL between AppWaveHost and InterBase, you must obtain the necessary security certificates:

  • The public key certificate
  • The server’s private key certificate

Both certificates must be in the Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format.

InterBase Setup

Take the following steps for the InterBase side:

  1. Open the folder <AppwaveInstallFolder>\InterBase\secure\server.
  2. Locate the file ibss_config. If one is not found, copy ibss_config.default to ibss_config
  3. Open this ibss_config file.
  4. Uncomment and specify the following params:
Example: IBSSL_SERVER_HOST_NAME=localhost
IBSSL_SERVER_CERTFILE - This points to the server's private certificate.
Example: IBSSL_SERVER_CERTFILE="C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\AppWave\5.0\InterBase\secure\server\ibserver.pem"
5. Save the changed file.

AppWave Setup

Take the following steps for the AppWave side:

  1. Open the file <AppwaveInstallFolder>\conf\jdbc.properties.
  2. Locate the property with the name jdbc.url.
  3. Change the port value to match the IBSSL_SERVER_PORT_NO value (for example 3065), you set in the ibss_config file.
  4. Add the following params to the end of the string: ?ssl=true?serverPublicFile=<path to Public certificate>
jdbc.url=jdbc:interbase://localhost:3065/C:/Program Files/Embarcadero/AppWave/5.0/InterBase/TOOLCLOUD.IB?ssl=true?serverPublicFile=C:/Program Files/Embarcadero/AppWave/5.0/keystore/interbasessl.public.pem
5.Specify the same value for the property: jdbc.elc.master.url
jdbc.elc.master.url=jdbc:interbase://localhost:3065/C:/Program Files/Embarcadero/AppWave/5.0/InterBase/TOOLCLOUD.IB?ssl=true?serverPublicFile=C:/Program Files/Embarcadero/AppWave/5.0/keystore/interbasessl.public.pem
6.Save the changed file.

Final Steps

  1. Restart the following services:
  • Embarcadero Database Guardian
  • Embarcadero Database Server
2. Restart the Embarcadero AppWave service.
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