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AppWave can run under different scenarios depending on your company needs:

  • Distribute Embarcadero applications to users within the company. You need to set up the correspondent licenses for the products you plan to use. AppWave has no cost.
  • Use AppWave to distribute your in-house applications or applications from a third company (3rd party Apps). You need to license AppWave. To see the different licences and how they work please refer to AppWave Edition Licenses.

License AppWave to Use 3rd Party Apps

Follow this procedure when you purchase the edition license for AppWave.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Set up Licenses.
  2. On the Set Up Licenses pane, click Retrieve License.
    Note: If you are using, or plan to use, a port other than 5567 as the Embarcadero License Center Communication Port, go to the Alternative Setup portion of the Retrieve License pane.
  3. Enter the Login name and Password provided to you in the email Embarcadero sent to you with your license certificate number when you purchased the license.
  4. Enter the license certificate number you received from Embarcadero in the email sent to you when you purchased the license. You may have more than one license certificate if you have previously purchased licensed products from Embarcadero. You can add these license certificates one at a time. Multiple certificates can be specified, separated by a comma.
  5. Verify that the AppWave Host address name or IP number is correct. Enter the correct value if necessary.
  6. Click Retrieve and the Retrieve Licenses pane appears.
  7. Click Host Selected Licenses.
  8. The licenses will be registered with AppWave and Embarcadero License Center. The License Retrieved pane appears and AppWave is now licensed.
  9. Click Finish.

Note: To set up a 3rd party license refer to: Set Up 3rd Party Licenses.

Note: For more information about the licenses editions see: AppWave Edition Licenses.

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