Running a Mastered App

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Once your app is broadcast, the newly mastered app build is made available in the AppWave Browser .

Steps to run an app:

  1. Click Apps to return to the AppWave Browser .
  2. The new app appears in the user designated folder and also an indicator appears in the menu indicating that there is a new app New App Indicator.png
  3. If your folder or the new app does not appear you may need to reconnect to the AppWave Browser by clicking Tools and OptionsGear.png>Connect.
    Note: You can access details and reviews for this app, as well as write reviews.
  4. Select the app from your folder and click Add. In the Sign In dialog enter your user name and password from your EDN account and click Sign in.
  5. Provide the license or accept the Eula:
    1. If the license is available for this app the Licensing Information dialog appears which provides the key necessary to complete the final step in the Licensing Automation process.
    2. If it is a free third-party App, an End User License Agreement dialog appears.
  6. A Progress dialog opens in the lower right corner of your screen. This tracks the downloading, mounting, and streaming progress of your new app.
    Starting App.png Streaming App.png
  7. Click Accept and the app opens.

Warning: During mastering, extra services related to the app you are mastering may be launched. At the end of the mastering process, Studio will attempt to shut down any services it detects. In some cases Studio cannot detect those services and you must shut them down manually before broadcasting the App. For more information see Stopping Services.

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