Steps to Master and License Your App

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The following steps walk you through the mastering and licensing processes.

  1. In AppWave Studio, select Create AppWave Supported or Custom App from Install.
  2. On the Launch & Brand page complete the following fields to create your product license: Product Name, Product Version and Product Edition (optional). For additional information on the mastering process please refer to the AppWave Studio Quick Start Guide.
  3. On the App page click the Vendor Settings tab.
  4. Click the Store Vendor App option and if you are not already signed in, the Vendor Account dialog opens.
  5. Sign in with your Vendor Account. Click the Create One link to create an account if you do not have one.
  6. If you have previously mastered apps, you can see your Vendor licenses listed. You have the option to select one of them.
  7. Highlight the license you want to use and click Select. The selected license is shown in the Current License field.
  8. If you don't select a license, the system creates a new one with the parameters you introduced in the previous steps.
  9. Go to the Test page and click Master. The system asks you to save your current working file before mastering.
  10. Click Yes and the master app dialog reopens. Click Launch and when the app opens click Finished in the Recording pane.
  11. Click Finished and the Mastering dialog closes.
  12. Go to the Broadcast page and click Broadcast. The Broadcast pane appears.
  13. When the operation is completed click Finish.
  14. Your app is mastered and ready to submit to Embarcadero for approval.

Best Mastering Practices

  • Always master on Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) to ensure the best compatibility with newer versions of Windows.
  • If possible, master in a Virtual Machine environment with a clean OS. Use the "snapshot" funcionality to capture a clean state before mastering is begun. This makes it very easy to redo a mastering task or start the next mastering task from a clean state by reverting to previous snapshot.
  • To master an app you have to open the AppWave Browser with the Run as Administrator command to elevate your privileges.
  • Free apps also need to incorporate a license.

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