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Go Up to Admin


My Settings > Admin > Schedules (super users)

From the Schedules page you can check the status of the scheduler, suspend the scheduler, resume from suspend, or see a list of the schedule jobs.

The Schedules page provides:

Schedules Table

The table of jobs at the beginning of the page contains the following columns:

Item Description

Job - Group / Name

The group and name of the job.

Trigger - Group / Name

The group and name of the trigger.


A description of the job.

Fire Time - Last / Next

The date of the last time when the job was executed, and the date of the next time when the job is scheduled to be executed.


The current state of the job:

  • Normal. The job is scheduled and waiting for the scheduled time to run.
  • Paused. The job is paused. In this state, the job never runs.


A set of actions that you can perform on the job:

  • Resume (only if suspended). Marks the job as running, so that Embarcadero Connect executes the job as scheduled.
  • Suspend (only if running). Marks the job as suspended, so that Embarcadero Connect does not execute the job on the scheduled time.
  • Delete. Deletes the job from the scheduler.
  • Run Now. Executes the job instantaneously.

Schedules Actions

The Schedules page provides the following actions:

Item Description

Scheduler Status

Replaces the table of jobs with a string that indicates whether the scheduler is running ("Scheduler Status is:Running") or not ("Scheduler Status is:Not Running").


Resumes all suspended jobs, and replaces the table of jobs with the message "Scheduler Resume Result:All Jobs Resumed".


Suspends all scheduled jobs, and replaces the table of jobs with the message "Scheduler Suspend Result:All Jobs Suspended".

List Jobs

Shows the table of jobs.

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