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Embarcadero Connect is the successor of ER/Studio Portal, introducing a new type of user connection, that gives users access to new features, new types of resources, and much more. You can find information on previous versions in the Embarcadero Documentation Portal.

Glossaries, Terms and Data Sources

Embarcadero Connect introduces glossaries, terms, data sources and resource types that you can create, edit and manage directly from Embarcadero Connect.

Glossaries are collections of terms, such as "Human Resources", "Travel Department", or "Customer Service". You can create glossaries, add terms to them and link them to any websites you choose with Glossary Tool Tips.

Terms represent general concepts related to the business, such as "Social Security", "Tax ID", "Zip Code", or "Call Resolution Time". You can create terms and associate them with glossaries, ER objects or other terms.

Data sources define how to establish a connection to a specific database. You can create data sources for a wide range of database management systems, and you can associate your data sources with ER objects.

New Navigation Menu and Simple Search Pages

The new navigation menu accommodates pages for these new types of resources:


You can find all your other Embarcadero Connect tools, such as the Model Explorer or the Advanced Search, within the ER Tools entry in the new navigation menu.

The new menu entries, such as Glossaries or Data Sources, give you access to search pages for specific types of resources. Search pages replace the simple search feature, and the global search box now simply opens a search page that does not filter by a specific type of resource.

Following Resources and New Home Page

Now you can follow resources of any type so that you can see any activity related to them in your new Home page:


New Resource Subpages

In addition to the Description subpage, ER object pages provide new subpages:

Pages of new types of resources provide their own subpages as well. See Resource Pages.

Activity and Discussions

In the new Stream subpage you can see the latest activity related to a resource: who starts or stops following the resource, how people associate other resources to the target resource, who modifies the resource, and so on.

In the new Discussions subpage you can start discussions related to specific Embarcadero Connect resources, so that you can get feedback from any user following the target resource.

New Licensing

With new licensing options, Author, Reader and Portal licenses give you more choices for your users. The Author license giving full access to all functionality and the new Reader license giving users a read-only experience. To read more on the different licensing options, see the connections page


Embarcadero Connect now provides an API that you can use to write client applications that interact with your Embarcadero Connect installation.

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