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Embarcadero Connect is a web-based tool to access, search, edit and manage enterprise metadata. It provides access to metadata from ER/Studio Repository, and it allows you to manage additional metadata, such as glossaries and terms or data sources.

Embarcadero Connect allows you to keep track of your metadata and discuss its evolution with other users. It also lets you create reports easily from your data and searches, and export them to different file formats.

Embarcadero Connect also enables you to:

  • Search for all kinds of data, such as data definitions and ER objects in any model of your ER/Studio Repository database, including ER/Studio Data Architect and ER/Studio Business Architect diagrams. Embarcadero Connect has simple and advanced searching capabilities to find ER objects and other resources, as well as their reuse and impact analysis.
  • Browse all the contents of your ER/Studio Repository database, such as models and dictionaries, in a structured way.

Using a web browser, you can access Embarcadero Connect internally, via your corporate intranet, or externally, via the internet. This way, you can access all the information you need from anywhere.


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