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Extract, Migrate, and Report Functionality Completed for Oracle Object Types Added in 16.5

DBArtisan 16.6 is updated to include migration support, schema extractions, and reporting for the object types added in this release as well as the following object types added but not fully completed in DBArtisan 16.5:

  • Context
  • Dimensions
  • Policies
  • Policy Groups
  • Queues
  • Queue Tables
  • Refresh Groups
  • Resource Consumer Groups

Supports Additional Oracle Object Types

DBArtisan also includes support for the following schema object types:

Note: This release does not include the implementation of the following Oracle features:

  • Editions
  • Flashback Archives
  • Pluggable Databases
  • Redaction Policies

Improved Explain Plan Support

DBArtisan 16.6 now allows you to view Explain Plans using DBMS_XPLAN formatting as well as manage the columns for your query explain plans. Some DBAs can comprehend Explain Plan output faster in the DBMS_XPLAN format rather than in a tree or graphical view. This option in DBArtisan helps those users improve efficiency and efficacy. When managing which columns appear in the results, an easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly hide/show columns, change the order in which the columns appear in the explain plan, and to save the settings so that you can share with orders who are interested in the same format.

Adds Support for DB2 LUW 11 and Sybase 16

DBArtisan includes support for DB2 LUW 11 and Sybase 16.


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