Add or Modify Check Constraint

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Go Up to Available object actions by DBMS

This action opens a Check Constraints Editor or Check Constraints Wizard.

Platform Availability

To Open the Check Constraint Editor or Check Constraint Wizard

  1. On the Navigator/Explorer, right-click the Check Constraints node and select Create.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to creating or editing the constraint. Note that settings available varies by DBMS type.
Step Settings and tasks


Table Owner or Table Schema

Select the owner of the table for which the check constraint is to be created.

Table or Table Name

Lets you select where you want to place the check constraint.


Lets you type the name of the constraint, which can be up to 30 characters long and must be unique across the entire database.

Enabled or Enforced

Enables or disables the check constraint.

Not for Replication

Enabling this feature ensures that the constraint is not enforced if the table is replicated for another database.

Check Condition

Type the check constraint condition. As a convenience, use the Table Columns button to paste in column names as part of the condition.


Lets you type a comment.

DDL View

Preview the DDL generated by your choices. Finally, use the Execute button to create the check constraint.