Advanced Space Management

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For advanced space analysis and management, DBArtisan’s optional Space Analyst component contains sophisticated diagnostics to help you pinpoint all space-related problems in your database, as well as an intelligent reorganization wizard that can reorganize all or selected parts of your database.


Note: Space Analyst is a separately-licensed component. If you are not working with an evaluation copy of DBArtisan or do not have a specific license, proceed to Session 5: SQL Management. Contact your license administrator or your IDERA representative about obtaining a license.

To see the sort of information provided by the Space Analyst

  1. On the Analyst menu, select Space Analyst.
    Note: If prompted to install components on the server, allow DBArtisan to install the components.
    The Space Analyst launches in the DBArtisan workspace.
    IDERA’s Space Analyst provides sophisticated diagnostic capabilities to troubleshoot bottlenecks and performance inefficiencies that result in poor space management. See the DBArtisan online help for a detailed walkthrough of all available features and functionality.
  2. Select the Data Files, Tablespace Map, Tables, and Indexes tabs available at the bottom of the Space Analyst pane.
  3. Close the Space Analyst pane.

Proceed to Session 5: SQL Management.