Automatically Discovering Datasources

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You can automate registration of datasources by importing datasource definitions from the following locations:

  • DBMS configuration files/registry entries
  • LDAP Servers
  • TOAD product datasource definitions (specifically from TOAD for Oracle, TOAD for Microsoft SQL Server, TOAD for MySQL, TOAD for Sybase (both ASE and IQ))

For example, if you have a multiple DBMS platform license, the Discover Datasources feature finds all unregistered datasources that you are licensed for. If you have an Oracle only license, Discover Datasources finds all unregistered Oracle datasources.

Use the information in Setting up to Automatically Discover Datasources to ensure that you are ready to use the Doscover Datasources feature.

There are two relevant scenarios for this feature.

For details, see the following topics:

In addition to Auto-Discovering your database servers, datasources are automatically placed within a DBMS-specific database group folder in the Navigator/Explorer. For more information, see Categorizing Datasources using Color-coding and Labeling.

For related information, see Connecting to Datasources.