Backup Control Files (ORCL)

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You should keep many copies of your control files to safeguard against disk failure or loss of the primary control file. DBArtisan provides a graphical interface for constructing the ALTER DATABASE command needed to backup your control files.

Using the Backup Control Files Utility

  1. On the Utilities menu, click Backup Control File.
    DBArtisan opens the Backup Controlfile Dialog Box.

Backup Controlfile Dialog Box

The table below describes the options and functionality available on the Backup Controlfile dialog

Option Description

Backup Controlfile Name

Type the name of the backup control file in the box. To reuse an existing Back Up Controlfile, type the name of the existing file, and then select Reuse Existing Backup Controlfile. NOTE: When you type in the Backup Controlfile Name box, the check box is activated.

Reuse Existing Backup Controlfile check box

Select this check box if you want to reuse an existing file. The name of the file and the name entered in the Backup Controlfile Name box must be the same.

Trace SQL Statements

Click the option button that corresponds to how you want Trace SQL statements handled: None - No statements are traced. Reset Logs - Traces reset logs. No Reset Log - Does not trace reset logs.