Basic Viewing Options in the Navigator/Explorer

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Go Up to Customizing the Navigator/Explorer Display

The dropdown menu, available above the Datasource Navigator/Explorer tree, provides basic organization and display options.


To change basic organization and viewing options

  1. From the Options dropdown menu, select an option. Use the following table as a guide to your selection.
Option Description

Organize by Object Owner or Organize by Object Type

Toggling these options has the following effect: Owner - the Navigator/Explorer displays objects for each user, categorized by object type. This display mode is most efficient if you are working with databases containing a high number of objects. Type - the Navigator/Explorer displays all objects, categorized by object type, for all users in the same list. This display mode speeds or slows performance in databases that contain many objects.

Show System Objects and Show Only My Objects

Lets you control display of system objects and objects that you own: NEVER, ALWAYS, or USE DATASOURCE FILTER. For information on filter options, see Simple, on-the-fly, Character-based Tree Filtering.

Full Refresh

Select to refresh.

Expand All Groups

Select to expand all groups.

Collapse All Groups

Select to collapse all groups.

Collapse All Datasources

Select to collapse all datasources.

Retain View Settings

Select to retain the current state of the Navigator/Explorer so that it opens the same way the next time you start DBArtisan.


Provides access to bookmark resources. For more information, see Active Threads Node.

Tip: You can also set these options on the Explorer Options tab of the Options editor.