Built-in Space Management

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While this example is specific to Oracle tablespaces, the same concept applies to all of the supported platforms.

  1. On the Datasource Explorer, expand any Oracle datasource.
  2. On the Oracle datasource, expand the Storage node, and then select Tablespaces.
  3. Right-click any tablespace listed in the right pane of the Explorer window, and then click Open.
    IDERA DBArtisan opens the Tablespaces Editor.
  4. Select the Properties tab. The Storage group on that tab provides a summary of the space settings for the tablespace.
  5. Select the Extent Details tab. It provides more detail on an extent-by-extent basis.
  6. On the Tablespace Editor, click the Space tab.
    The Space tab displays a graphical view of the free and used blocks for the target tablespace.
  7. Finally, on the Tablespace Editor, click the Map tab.
    The Map tab displays a color-coded map of the objects contained on the tablespace. The map segments are proportional to the actual size of the objects on the tablespace.
    Note the additional Reorganize and display options.
  8. Close the Tablespaces Editor pane.

Proceed to Advanced Space Management.