Common Schema Migration and Extraction Options

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When extracting or migrating schema, the wizards present a set of options that let you specify how the extraction or migration script is created. The following table describes these options.

Note: Depending on the DBMS you are working with, the types of objects you choose to migrate/extract, and the specific migration or extraction operation, not all options are available.
Tasks and Settings Description

Group Dependencies

If set to True, objects that are dependent on each other are placed together in the script. For example, Table A would be followed by all objects dependent on Table A. If set to False, all objects of the same type are extracted simultaneously.

Script... options

Depending on the DBMS you working with and the types of objects you selected, these options let you specify whether you want to include Create statements, Drop statements, System Privileges, Object Privileges, and If Not Exists statements in the script.

Script Owner

True/False to include the owner in the scripts or not.


Retain Owner/Change Owner

Change Owner To

If you opted to change the owner, choose the new owner to use when scripting options from the drop-down list.

Copy Owner (Migration only)

Lets you retain the owner in the extraction/migration.

Overwrite Existing (Migration only)

Choose one of the following options: Overwrite Existing: objects are overwritten with no prompt. Objects on the target datasource are dropped before new objects are created Prompt Whether To Overwrite: The user will be prompted before the object is dropped and re-created. (Note: this will be done on an object-by-object basis). Do Not Overwrite Existing: If the object exists on the target datasource, no attempts is made to recreate it on the target. Ignore Overwrite: (default) Artisan will try to create the migrated objects, without checking the existence on the target datasource.

Generate Script (Migration only)

If set to FALSE, the generated DDL is executed on the target datasource. If set to TRUE, DBArtisan generates a script which could be used to migrate the schema at a later date.