Configuring Feature Options

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Go Up to Specifying Application Preferences and Feature Options

All application settings are available in the Options Editor, which is organized in a tabular format based on feature sets.

To specify options for the DBArtisan application or a particular feature

  1. On the File menu, select Options.
    The Options Editor opens.
  2. Click the tab corresponding to the feature you want to customize. Set feature options on the tab and then click OK.

Connection Options

Specifies the timeout parameters, packet size for a connection, and ANSI to OEM settings.

Data Editor Options

Specifies settings for Data Editor.

Data Transfer Options

Sets default directories when performing data unload and load and data export and import operations.

Datasource Options

Specifies general datasource management options and Datasource Navigator/Explorer preferences.

DB Monitor Options

Lets you customize the Database Monitor display on a DBMS platform basis.

DBMS Java Options

Specifies load Java files and drop Java files.

DB2 Utilities Options

Sets default directories for executables used by DB2 LUW.

DDL Extract Options

Specifies whether or not DROP statements should be included when extracting the schema of different database object types.

Debug Options

Sets the duration of your debug initialization and debug session, enable or disable DBMS_OUTPUT, and enable the refresh option.

Directories Options

Sets the default directories for placing the output of different operations such as HTML reports or schema extractions.

Explorer Options

Sets defaults for the organization of objects in the Datasource Navigator/Explorer.

General Options

Sets defaults for automatic login, restoring the last session, and other general application options.

Grid Properties (Results window) Options

Dictates the physical appearance of the results window grid.

ISQL Options

Sets defaults for the maximum allowable errors before aborting the execution of a SQL script, executing selected text, and the position of Query and Results tabs.

Java Options

Lets you specify Java Virtual Machine options.

LDAP Configuration Options

Sets preferences for LDAP Server usage.

Logging Options

Sets defaults for SQL Logging.

Migration Options

Sets the default options for schema migration operations.

MySQL Utilities Options

Specifies paths to MySQL utilities.

Oracle Utilities Options

Specifies the location of the Oracle Utilities.

Query Builder Options

Specifies global settings for Query Builder.

Reports Options

Specifies global settings for reports.

Results (ISQL) Options

Specifies auto format result sets, sets the display and format of Result Windows, and the mail file type and default fonts.

Mail Options

Lets you specify defaults for your outgoing mail notifications.

Space Analyst Options

Sets Space Analyst options.

Version Control Options

Lets you select which version control system you want DBArtisan to use as the underlying version control system

Warnings Options

Activates specific warnings when undesirable actions are attempted against a database.

Note: If there is an open document, the Update Document Statement Properties dialog opens. The Update Document Statement Properties dialog lets you override changes you made to a current document or documents with new setting you made in the Options Editor.