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DBArtisan offers the following common dialogs.

DBArtisan Wizards

DBArtisan offers several wizards that let you create objects without knowing the underlying SQL commands. DBArtisan also offers wizards to perform common tasks.

Wizards for the the supported dbms are listed in Creating objects.

DBArtisan Editors

DBArtisan stores information about server and object types in object editors. An editor is a tabbed dialog box that groups related information together. Each editor contains a context-sensitive Commands menu with pertinent functionality for the object. Many of the object editors contain a DDL tab. This tab displays the underlying target object's SQL.

Note: The Object Editor tool bar has a refresh button, that lets you refresh Object Editor contents, clear the Object Editors, and log SQL if SQL Logging is turned on.

If an objects has dependent objects, such as tables, triggers, procedures and views, you can view and access their dependent objects in the editor.

Editors for the supported dbms are listed in Modifying objects using editors.