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The Script Library provides a drag-and-drop library interface of all supported DBMS syntax, SQL syntax, built-in functions, optimizer hints, and SQL-conditional syntax. Additionally, it provides the ability to create custom folders to store commonly-used code for quick and efficient access, as needed.

To open the Script Library:

  1. Select View > Script Library. The Script Library window opens.
  2. Expand the Microsoft node and then expand the Schema sub-node.
  3. Right-click the Procedures node and select Open. The selected code opens in the SQL Editor window and is ready for execution.
  4. Right-click in the editor window and select Close from the context menu.

To add a custom folder to the Script Library

  1. Right-click the Script Library folder.
  2. Select New Folder from the context menu. A new folder is added to the Script Library folder.

To close the Script Library window:

  1. Select View > Script Library.