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The Data Editor tab of the Options Editor lets you provide preferences that dictate behavior of the table data editor.

Note: Option parameters set in the Options Editor override options set within Query Builder and Data Editor.
Note: For information on opening the Options Editor, see Specifying Application Preferences and Feature Options.
Note: For information on using the Data Editor, see Data Editor.

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Data Editor tab:

Interface Element Option Description Default

Default Execution Mode

Live Mode lets you execute changes one row at a time. Batch Mode lets you make unlimited changes prior to execution. Batch Mode offers three sub-options: Ignore errors-continue processing, Prompt on Error, and Stop after error(s) (number of errors allowed before stopping execution)

Live Mode

Data Editor File

Mail File Type

Sets the default mail output style as Results, Tab Delimited, Comma Separated, or HTML.


Include column titles when saving

Includes column titles when saving.

Not selected

Grid Font

Customizes font style, and size for the Data Editor and the Results Grid.


Printer Font

Sets font style, and size for printing output.


Auto Format (Best Fit)

Fits formatting to match your desktop.


Begin and End Transaction Statements

Adds a beginning and ending transaction on each statement.


Default Date/Time Format

Displays the current date/time format and lets you customize the date/time display.


Use Calendar Control as default

If selected, the Calendar Control window is used.

Not selected

2 digit year system setting warning

If selected, a warning is issued when you use a two digit year system setting.


Confirmation Dialog Options

Enabling Show Delete Confirmation Dialog, Show Update Confirmation Dialog, or Show Update LOB Confirmation Dialog lets you display a confirmation dialog when you use a delete command, update a row, or update a LOB, respectively.