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The Data Pump Import utility lets you build and submit a call to the impdp.exe utility to load an expdp.exe-produced dump file set to a target system. The wizard lets you specify a full set of impdp.exe parameters, which are also saved to file for convenient reuse. When ready to import, you can execute from the wizard, or independently using a command line call to impdp.exe specifying the saved parameters file.

Before using this utility:

To create and execute a call to the Data Pump Import utility

  1. Connect to an Oracle datasource and ensure that it is the currently selected datasource. For details, see Connected/Selected Datasource options.
  2. Select Utilities > Data Pump Import to open the Data Pump Import WIzard.
  3. Use the following topics as a guide to setting properties and performing tasks as you pass through the wizard panels:
  4. Finally, use the Finish button to perform the import.

Data Pump Import Wizard - Playback

When importing a dump file set using the Data Pump Import Wizard, this panel offers the following options:

Required Information Description

New Data Pump Import

This initiates the process of creating a new import operation.

Use Existing Parameter File

If you want to replay an import operation, when you select the radio button, the browse function is enabled so you can find the .txt file you want to reuse.

Data Pump Import Wizard - Import Data Options

This wizard page lets you work with the following parameters:

Setting Group Description

Dump File

Directory - Select the directory object corresponding to the file system location of the dump file. File name - Specify the full name of the dump file.

Import Mode

Lets you select a mode, specifying the dump file set content type to be imported: Tables, Schemas, Full Dump File (corresponds to FULL parameter), or Tablespaces.


Select a Data or DDL value of ALL, DATA ONLY, or METADATA only to provide a CONTENT= parameter valuer, specifying the data to unload.

Data Pump Import Wizard - Object Selection

If you selected an Import Mode of Tables, Schemas, or Tablespaces, select the check boxes corresponding to the specific database objects to be imported.

Data Pump Import Wizard - Remapping

This wizard page lets you specify one or more REMAP_SCHEMA or REMAP_TABLESPACE parameters. For each source schema or tablespace that is to be remapped, click to activate the associated Target dropdown and select the target schema or tablespace.

Data Pump Import Wizard - Import Options

This wizard page lets you work with the following parameters:

Setting or Group Description

Action if table exists

Lets you specify a TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION parameter, telling the utility what to do if a table being created already exists. Provide a TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION= value of Skip, Append, Truncate, or Replace.

Skip Unusable indexes

If selected, a SKIP_UNUSABLE_INDEXES=y parameter is included with the utility call. If unselected, a SKIP_UNUSABLE_INDEXES=n parameter is included.

Overwrite existing datafiles

Lets you specify whether existing datafiles should be reused for tablespace creation. If selected, a REUSE_DATAFILES=y parameter is included with the utility call. If unselected, a REUSE_DATAFILES=n parameter is included.

Enable Logging

If Enable Logging is unselected, a NOLOGFILE=Y parameter is included with the utility call. To enable logging, select Enable Logging and if required, overwrite the default Log File name. This includes a LOGFILE= parameter withe the utility call.


Lets you provide a JOBNAME= parameter value that will be included with the utility call.

Data Pump Import Wizard - Advanced Parameters

The Data Pump Import Wizard builds and submits a call to the impdp.exe utility, specifying a minimal, required set of parameters, specified on preceding pages of the wizard. The Advanced Parameters page lets you provide any additional parameter=value pairs supported by the utility.

Note: For a listing of additional, supported parameters, see Data Pump Import/Export Parameters that can be Added Manually.
  • Use the New button to open the Add Data Pump Parameter dialog. Select a parameter name from the Name dropdown and in the Value box, provide the associated value.
  • Use the Edit and Delete buttons to modify or remove selected parameters.

Data Pump Import Wizard - Summary

This wizard page provides a summary of the impdp.exe parameters you chose on previous pages of the wizard. It also displays:

  • The location of the generated parameters file (.txt).
  • Instructions on how to execute the import independently of the wizard, using the parameters file