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A database link specifies a communication path from one database to another. If you’re creating a link to a remote database, a database session is established in the remote database on behalf of the local application request. By creating either a public or private database link, you can determine which schema on the remote database the link will establish connections to by creating fixed, current, and connected database links. By creating a link you can reuse connectivity instructions each time you connect to the remote database.

To Open the Database Link Wizard

  1. On the Navigator/Explorer, find the schema where you want to add the new database link.
  2. On the Database Links branch, right-click and select New.
  1. On the main toolbar, click Datasource and scroll to Objects
  2. Click Database Links and then click New from the toolbar.

The table that follows describes the fields you will encounter as you complete the wizard.

Note: To create a public database link, you need CREATE PUBLIC DATABASE LINK privileges.
Required Information Description

What is the name of the database link?

Create a unique name

Should the database link be made public?

A public link is a link on a local database that’s accessible to all users on that database. If you keep the database link private by selecting No, a link is created in a specific schema of the local database and only the owner of the link can use it to access database objects in the corresponding remote database.

What is the name of the remote user?


What is the remote user’s password?

Create a password for the remote user.

What is the connection string?