Databases Wizard (DB2 Z/OS)

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The Database Wizard lets you create a database (a structured collection of data that can be updated or queried) without knowing the underlying commands. Databases can be simple, that is one file with many records and the same fields, or much more complicated with multiple files with different fields.

To create a new database using a wizard:

  1. Open a creation wizard for a database. For details, see Opening an Object Wizard.
  2. Use the following topics as a guide to setting properties and performing tasks as you pass through the wizard panels:
  3. Finally, use the Execute button to create the object.

Databases (DB2 z/OS) - Properties

When creating or editing a database, this tab/panel lets you work with the following settings:

Setting Description


Provide a unique name for the database.


Workfile: This option in only available if the server is configured in IBM DB2 for OS/390 and z/OS to allow sharing. For more information, contact your System administrator. Temp: This option indicates the database is only for declared temporary tables. A temp database cannot be shared.

Group Member

Specifies the member for which this database is being created. Use this only in a shared environment.

Tablespace Buffer Pool

Select the default buffer pool to be used for tablespaces created within the database.

Index Buffer Pool

Select the default buffer pool name to be used for indexes created within the database.

Storage Group

Select the default storage group to support the DASD space requirements for tablespaces and indexes within the database.

Encoding Scheme

Select an encoding schema of DEFAULT, ASCII, EBCDIC, or UNICODE. NOTE: To change the encoding scheme for a database after it has been created to use a different coded character set identifier (CCSID) that supports the Euro symbol, all data must be unloaded and reloaded. For more information regarding the encoding scheme, contact your System administrator.