Datasource Navigator and Datasource Explorer

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By default, the first time you start DBArtisan, a single pane window is displayed on the left of the main application window. The Datasource Navigator provides a hierarchy that descends from the datasource level to the level of individual database objects. It provides a visual method for navigating or drilling down through a datasource. From the Navigator, you can connect to and disconnect, from datasources as well as browse, filter, and initiate other actions against objects in all supported datasources on your network.

The Datasource Explorer provides an alternative to the Datasource Navigator. It’s a two-paned window. Like the Navigator, it provides a tree-view of your datasources. When you select an object on the Datasource Explorer, you can view corresponding data in the right pane. The Explorer is designed to give you an overall picture of the contents and configuration of your datasources.

You hide and display the Navigator and Explorer using View menu commands. As you progress along your DBArtisan learning curve, you will find the each has it’s own benefits or that you have a preference. For details on the Navigator and Explorer and datasource management, in general, see the following topics: