Directories Wizard (Oracle)

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A directory object specifies an alias for a directory on the server file system where external binary file LOBs and external table data are located. The wizard completes a CREATE DIRECTORY statement from the information you supply. The Directory Wizard prompts you to name the directory and provide the full-qualified directory path.

To Open the Directories Wizard

  1. On the Navigator/Explorer, find the Datasource where you want to create a directory and expand the Storage node.
  2. Right-click Directories and select New.

The table that follows describes the fields you will encounter as you complete the wizard.

Required Information Description

What is the name of the directory?

Type a meaningful name for the directory.

What is the directory path?

Type the full path name of the outside operating system directory that you want to alias in the directory (for example, /Video/Library/G_Rated). NOTE: Oracle trusts that directory you’re specifying exists. The onus is on you to make sure it’s valid and in the correct format (as required by your operating system).

After you have created the Directory, you can give other users Read or Write privileges by opening the new Directory on the Directories node, and making changes at the Privileges tab.