Filtering columns in Database Object Displays

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In DBArtisan, Datasource Explorer name filtering is available when an object type is displayed in the left pane with objects of the selected type displayed in the right panel. For more information, see Hiding and Displaying the Datasource Navigator/Explorer.

In the Database Navigator, name filtering is available with the Browser feature.

Two methods of filtering are available in the object displays. Both make use of the text boxes appearing below column names in the display.


To show only rows for which a given column value contains one or more contiguous characters

  1. Type those characters into the text box below that column name.

To make use of regular expressions in column filtering

  1. Ensure that regular expression usage is enabled. For details, see Explorer Options.
  2. Type a valid regular expression search criteria into the text box below that column name. For more information, see Regular Expressions Support.
    Note: The RegEx ON/RegEx OFF button in the lower right lets you enable or disable regular expression usage on-the-fly.