Groups Wizard (DB2 LUW)

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The Group Wizard lets you define new groups and to assign the appropriate object and system level privileges. Any user who is a part of the group you create will inherit the authorities and privileges assigned to the group.

To Open the Group Wizard

  1. On the Navigator/Explorer, find the datasource where you want to add the new group.
  2. Expand the Security branch, right-click Groups, and select New.

The table that follows describes the fields you may encounter as you complete the Group Wizard:

Required Information Description

What is the name of the group?

Lets you enter the name of the group.

What database authority(ies) do you want to give this group?

Select all or some of the authorities: BINDADD: User can create new database packages CONNECT: Gives users access to the database CREATETAB: A user can create new tables in the database CREATE_NOT_FENCED: Allows a user to create user-defined functions IMPLICIT_SCHEMA: Enables any user to implicitly create a schema by creating an object with a CREATE statement using a schema name that doesn’t already exist. DBADM: Gives users administrative privileges. LOAD: Users can load data into a table. NOTE: The authorities listed here are the system privileges.