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Hyperlinks let you invoke object actions against object names referenced in an ISQL Editor script. A configured keystroke combination (default, CTRL+right-click) opens a menu with commands specific to the supported object type:


Note: In addition to the object type-specific options, the context menu also includes SQL editor options typically available when right-clicking in the editor.

The following table shows the object action availability in DBArtisan for supported object type hyperlinks in the SQL editor:

Action (and notes) Object type
Table View Function Procedure Package Package Body

Build Query

For more information, see Query Builder


For more information, see Script/File Execution Facilities

Create Like

Create View


For more information, see IDERA SQL Debugger


For more information, see Describe Window


Edit Data

For more information, see Data Editor


For more information, see Script/File Execution Facilities


Import Data From File

For more information, see Import Data


For more information, see Using the Schema Migration Wizard


For more information, see Modifying objects using editors


Select * From

Before using the Hyperlinks feature, complete the following setup tasks:

Once setup tasks are complete, the Hyperlinks feature is available in the SQL Editor.

To invoke an object action using the Hyperlink feature

  1. Use the configured keystroke combination anywhere within the text of an object name reference for a supported object type.
  2. Select an object action from the context menu. For more information, see the online help for the selected action.