IDERA SQL Debugger Features

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The IDERA SQL Debugger lets you identify problems within your code. The IDERA SQL Debugger lets you:

  • Interactively step through the flow of script execution.
  • Examine the value of variables.
  • Solve logical problems with your script design.
Note: The Debugger is available on the main menu, the Procedures window, the DDL Editor and ISQL windows.

The IDERA SQL Debugger offers fundamental debugging features and options to fine tune debugging. The table below describes these features:

Debugging Feature Description

Step Into

Lets you execute each instruction step-by-step and step inside a stored object.

Step Out

Lets you stop stepping through the current object and execute the remainder of the script. This option is only active when the pointer indicates a child dependent instruction.

Step Over

Lets you execute the current instruction without stepping into any child dependents.

Insert or Remove Breakpoint

Lets you specify positions in a program where the debugger stops execution.

To set specific Debugger values on the Options Editor, see IDERA SQL Debugger Options.