Initiating an object operation

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Object operations are most commonly available as right-click context menu selections on the Database Navigator/Explorer, available with one or more objects selected.

Note: To verify availability of an object action for a specific object type and DBMS platform, see the topic covering that object type in Supported Objects.

To Initiate an Object Operation in DBArtisan

  1. Connect to the datasource that contains the object you want to perform the operation against. For more information, see Connecting to Datasources.
  2. On the Datasource Navigator/Explorer, expand nodes until the target object type is visible. If working in the Datasource Navigator, expand the object type node or if working on the Datasource Explorer, click the target object type. See the following topics for more information:
  3. Take one of the following actions:
    • To initiate an operation against a single object, right-click the object, and select the operation from the context menu. Alternatively, select the object and then, from the Datasource Navigator/Explorer Toolbar’s Command menu, select the action.
    • To initiate an operation against a multiple objects, first use CTRL-clicking to select multiple objects. Then, either right-click one of the selected objects and select the operation from the context menu, or select an operation from the Datasource Navigator/Explorer toolbar’s Command menu.

For information on using the wizard panels to provide required information and execute an operation, see Using object operation wizards.