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Input parameters are set when you first create an object. If the object you want to debug requires input parameters, a dialog box prompts you for the input parameters when you open a debugging session.

The Procedure Execution dialog also lets you:

  • Save input parameters as *.prm files to preserve specific input parameter configurations.
  • Open *.prm files to save the effort of reentering specific input parameters.
  • Reset parameters to their default setting.

The following table describes the options available in this dialog box:

Dialog box component Description

Owner drop-down list

Displays the current procedure’s owner

Procedure drop-down list

Displays the name of the current procedure.

Parameter window

Specify the required input parameters in this window. If input parameters are not required for the execution of the target procedure, a message appears in this window, stating that the procedure “has no input parameters. Press execute to run it.”

Open button

Click to open an Open dialog, from which you can open an existing *.prm file. The saved parameters immediately populate the dialog box upon opening.

Save button

Click to save the values of your input parameters as a *.prm file. You can reopen a saved *.prm file from this dialog box at any time.

Reset button

Click to reset the parameters in the Parameter window to their default values.

Execute or Continue button

Click to execute the procedure once you have entered values for all required parameters in the Parameter window.

Note: You cannot debug a script that requires input parameters until you provide input parameters.