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A breakpoint is a position in a program where a debugger stops execution. When you start debugging, IDERA SQL Debugger opens the script in a DDL Editor. A yellow arrow pointer indicates which line the IDERA SQL Debugger executes next.

The IDERA SQL Debugger executes all lines of code between the yellow arrow and the first breakpoint. If no breakpoints are present, IDERA SQL Debugger debugs the entire script.

While debugging you can set one or more breakpoints in the currently executing object or in any object in the program call stack. You can Toggle Breakpoints, temporarily disable or enable breakpoints without having to add or remove breakpoints.

The IDERA SQL Debugger displays each enabled breakpoint as a red dot in the left margin of the DDL Editor Window, and each disabled breakpoint as a red circle.

Breakpoints are stored so that when you debug the same script on separate occasions, you can reuse the same breakpoints. You can insert a breakpoint on the line where your cursor is located, and you can remove a breakpoint on the line where your cursor is located.

Note: Script execution stops at the first breakpoint.

To insert and remove breakpoints, do the following:

  1. In the DDL Editor window, click the target line of SQL.
  2. On the Debug menu, select Breakpoint.
Press F9.
The IDERA SQL Debugger inserts a new breakpoint or removes an existing breakpoint on the target line of code.