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To let you configure and tune your database(s), DBArtisan offers a utility that lets you view and edit the configuration parameters for each server. These configuration parameters are stored in the system catalog and used when restarting the server. For detailed information on the meaning and purpose of each server configuration parameter, see the System Administration Guide and Performance and Tuning Guide.

Note: Many changes to instance configuration parameters require you to shutdown and to restart the server before the changes take effect.
  1. On the Datasources menu, select Configure.
  2. To modify a parameter, double-click the parameter or click Edit.
    DBArtisan opens the Edit Configuration dialog.
Note: To modify a parameter, the parameter must have a Yes in the Session Modifiable or System Modifiable column of the Instance Parameter grid.

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Edit Configuration dialog:

Option Description

New Value

Lets you type the value for the parameter.