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When using the Discover Datasources feature, you can have an LDAP Server searched for datasources. Similarly, when manually registering a datasource, you can select from server names obtained from an LDAP Server. The LDAP Configuration tab of the Options Editor lets you provide the information required to establish a session with the LDAP Server and obtain the required datasource information.

Note: For information on opening the Options Editor, see Specifying Application Preferences and Feature Options.

The table below describes the options and functionality on the LDAP Configuration tab:

Group Option Description

Enable LDAP

Enables LDAP lookup. This check box must be selected in order for the Discover Datasources feature to search an LDAP Servers or for server names obtained from an LDAP server to be available when manually registering datasources.


Host Port

The FQDN or IP address of the LDAP server.

Search Base DN and Suggest

Lets you provide the distinguished name to be used as the search base. The Suggest button is only enabled after you select an authentication type and provide details, as required. It queries the server for possible DNs and populates the combo box with the results.


Anonymous Login

Selecting this check box directs DBArtisan to send LDAP requests without performing a bind. This also disables the other Authentication controls.

User, Password , and Remember

Let you provide the credentials used when sending LDAP requests.


Size Limit and Time Limit

Lets you specify the maximum number of entries returnable and the maximum time, in seconds, to wait for the search to complete.

Protocol Version

The LDAP protocol version.