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The Login wizard lets you build and submit an sp_addlogin or CREATE LOGIN call, adding a new login with a basic set of specified database, language, and password properties. An additional sp_locklogin call can be issued to lock the new login. The Login wizard also lets you:

  • Grant roles to the login
  • Create user accounts on databases for the role, optionally with an alias or by changing ownership

To create a new login using a wizard:

  1. Open a creation wizard for a login. For details, see Opening an Object Wizard.
  2. Use the following topics as a guide to setting properties and performing tasks as you pass through the wizard panels:
  3. Finally, use the Execute button to create the object.
    Note: Login triggers, configured for individual logins, are also supported. For details, Logins Editor (Sybase ASE).

Logins (Sybase ASE) - Properties

When creating or editing a login, this tab/panel lets you work with the following settings:

Group Setting Description



The user login name.

Full Name

The full name of the user, an optional but useful identifier.

Suid (version 15.7 ^)

Lets you optionally add a SUID parameter to the generated DDL, specifying a system user ID.


Default Database

The database where the user starts each session.

Default language

The language in which prompts and messages are displayed.

Profile (version 15.7 ^)

Lets you add a LOGIN PROFILE parameter: ignore eliminates profile binding while selecting a login profile (if available) binds the profile to this login.

Locked or Account Locked

If selected, the sp_addlogin or CREATE LOGIN call is immediately followed by an sp_locklogin call, locking the new login and effectively disabling it.

NOTE: After creating a login, this group also displays an assigned Login trigger. For details, see Logins Editor (Sybase ASE).



The initial password for the new user.

Password expiration

The duration, in days, before the password expires.

Minimum password length

The minimum number of characters a password can contain.

Maximum login attempts

The maximum number of login attempt failures before the login is suspended.

Authentication mechanism

Lets you select ASE, LDAP, PAM, or ANY authentication.

Exempt Inactive Lock (version 15.7 ^)

When selected, an EXEMPT INACTIVE LOCK TRUE parameter is added to the generated DDL, exempting the login from being locked due to inactivity.

Logins (Sybase ASE) - Roles

When creating or editing a login, this tab/panel lets you grant roles to the login by selecting the the check boxes assocaited with those roles.

For information on creating roles in DBArtisan, see Role Wizard (Sybase ASE).

For information on activating and deactivating roles for the current login in the current session, see Role Activation.

Logins (Sybase ASE) - Users

When creating or editing a login, this tab/panel lets you maintain database user accounts for a login as follows:

  • Add a user account for this login to a database by selecting a database from the Databases where the Login does NOT have a User Account and clicking the Add button. This opens the Add User dialog letting you provide additional details. For more information, see Adding a login account to a database.
  • Remove a user account for this login from a database by selecting a database from the Databases where the Login HAS a User Account and clicking the Remove button.

Adding a login account to a database

When adding a user account for a login to a database, the Add user dialog lets you provide details on the method used (sp_adduser, sp_addalias, or sp_changedbowner). Use the following table as a guide to setting options in this dialog:

Setting or Group Description

User Type

Lets you select the method by which the user account will be added to the database: USER (sp_adduser), ALIAS (sp_addalias) or DBO (sp_changedbowner).


Login Name - displays the user name from the Master database. If you selected a User Type of USER, the following settings are available: User Name - is a new name for the user in the target database. Group Name - lets you select a group in the target database to which the user will be added.


LoginUserName - If you selected a User Type of ALIAS, this control lets you select the database user name to alias the login name to.


TransferAliasesAndPermissions - If you selected a User Type of DBO, this control lets you transfer aliases and their permissions to the new database owner.

For more information, see Logins Editor (Sybase ASE).