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For working against ASM disk groups, DBArtisan lets you toggle the login between the general datasource and a specific connection to the associated ASM instance.

Note: When registering an Oracle datasource that has an ASM instance, you can use the Connect as control to specify the SYSASM privilege. This give you full administrative privilege for the ASM instance. For details, see Registering Datasources.

You can create or edit disk groups using the basic datasource connection. For information on object actions that require you to connect directly to the ASM instance, see the following topics:

The Manage ASM Connection action lets you toggle between the two connection types.

Platform Availability

To Toggle the Login Between the Datasource and the Specific ASM Instance

  1. On a connected Oracle datasource, expand the Instance and ASM node.
  2. Right-click the Disk Groups or ASM node and select Manage ASM Connection from the context menu. A Manage ASM Instance Connection dialog opens, prompting you to choose a connection type. Take one of the following actions:
    • To connect directly to the ASM instance, deselect the Use existing connection to DB instance check box, provide the connection details and logon credentials.
    • To use the default connection to the associated datasource, select the Use existing connection to DB instance check box.
  3. Click OK.
    Note: The Manage ASM Instance Connection dialog also opens automatically on the first object action against a disk group after connecting to an Oracle datasource.

When connected to the ASM instance you can revert to the default datasource connection with a single step. For details, see Disconnect ASM Connection.