Manually Discovering Datasources

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Go Up to Automatically Discovering Datasources

You can discover datasources residing on your system that are not currently registered datasources. The Discover Datasources operation can retrieve a list of discovered datasources, which includes the name of the server or instance, the type of DBMS, and source (DBMS configuration files/registry entries, LDAP Servers, TOAD datasource definitions, IDERA Team Server 2016) of all unregistered datasources found on your network or local machine. Once discovered, you have the option to register datasources.

Completing the Discover Datasources Dialog Box

  1. On the Datasource menu, click Discover Datasources.
    The Discover Datasources dialog box opens and when the search is complete, displays all discovered datasources. The source (Local alias, Network, LDAP, or Toad) and status of each is displayed.
  2. Select the check box next to any datasources you want to register.
  3. Click Register.