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All text-based editors offer an Open File facility. It provides dedicated support for files of the following types:

  • Script (.sql), data definition languge (.ddl), query (.qry), and results (.rsl) files
  • Query Builder files (.eqb) - for more information see Query Builder.
  • XML (.xml) and text (.txt) files
  • Web (.htm, .html, .asp) files
  • Procedure (.prc, .pro), VBScript (.vbs),
  • JScript (.js), and Java (.java) files

To open a supported-type file

  1. Select File > Open. An Open File(s) dialog opens.
  2. Use the dialog to locate, select a file type, and select one or more files to open.

If you select a file type of All Files, you can open a file with a suffix not corresponding to one of the supported file types. One of two actions is taken:

  • It automatically opens the file in the SQL Editor
  • It prompts you for additional information on the file before opening
Note: The specific action taken is dictated by an Options Editor selection. For details, see ISQL Options - Main Tab.

If you selected the Options Editor setting to prompt, when you select an unknown file type for opening, a What Type of File Is dialog opens. The table below describes the options and functionality on the dialog:

Option Description

The file is a general purpose SQL script

Select if the unknown file is a SQL script.

The file contains the DDL to create a database object or the file contains Oracle Anonymous PL/SQL.

Lets you select object type and owner and provide an object name.

Always open unknown files into a SQL window without prompting.

Select to hide What Type of File Is Dialog Box for future unknown file types.

An SQL Editor or DDL Editor opens, as appropriate. For details, see the following topics:

For more general information, see Coding Environments/Editors.