Opening Performance Analyst for the First Time

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Go Up to Welcome to Performance Analyst

For Performance Analyst to work, a platform-specific package needs to be installed by the SYS account. When Performance Analyst first starts, it checks for the presence of this package and if it has not been installed, Performance Analyst prompts you to install it. Once created, any account with access to this package can monitor databases using Performance Analyst. You do not need to install any other objects on a monitored database.

Note: You must have SYS privileges to install the required packages. After the packages are installed, anyone can use them.

To open the Performance Analyst for the first time, connect to a database through DBArtisan and then select Performance Analyst from the Analyst drop-down menu.

Subsequently, you can connect to Performance Analyst by going to Start | Programs | IDERA DBArtisan 17.0.x>Performance Analyst.

When you open the Performance Analyst this way, you can only review one datasource at a time, as is the case when you open Performance Analyst remotely.

Note: If you are connecting through your client machine, it will save you time and give you greater flexibility to connect to Performance Analyst through the DBArtisan console. If you connect through the console, you can open multiple Performance Analyst windows for as many datasources as you like and switch between them by clicking the target tab.

You can also open Performance Analyst in stand-alone mode from your Web client. To do this, see: Opening Performance Analyst in Stand-Alone Mode from Your Web Client

Opening Performance Analyst in Stand-alone Mode from your Web Client

The IDERA Performance Analyst Login dialog box lets you open Performance Analyst in stand-alone mode from a Web client. This way you can check the performance of any or all datasources that are registered through DBArtisan when you are working remotely.

To connect to the Performance Analyst when you are not using the DBArtisan console, simply go to

<installation directory>:\PAnalyst\PerfAnalyst.html

When you’ve made the connection, a login dialog opens.

If you are connecting to the Performance Analyst from your Web client, you can only see one database at a time.

Note: Keep in mind that when you connect to Performance Analyst remotely, the Auto Connect option you may have selected when you registered the target datasource in DBArtisan is not functional. You must supply a valid user ID and password to log in to Performance Analyst successfully.

Login As: is only an option when you are logging into an Oracle database. Sybase ASE, SQL Server and DB2 log in as default. The properties for the login roles are as follows:

  • Default - Establishes a connection with no system roles.
  • SYSDBA - Lets you perform all DBA-related functions. SYSDBA is required for the SYS id when you log into a 9i or later instance.
  • SYSOPER - Lets you perform many DBA-related functions, like startup and shutdown.