Packages Editor (IBM DB2 LUW)

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The Packages Editor lets you view contents and settings for a package.

To edit a package

  1. Open an editor on the package. For details, see Opening an Object Editor.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying the settings on the tabs of this editor:
Tab Settings and tasks


Lets you view the following settings: Binder, Definer, Default Schema, Degree, Function Path, Language Level, SQL Math Warn, SQL Warn, Buffered Inset, Status, Code Page, Total Sections, Multi-node Bound, Intra-partition, Query Optimization, Cursor Blocking, Isolation Level, Date Time Format, Last Bind Time, Explicit Bind Time, Explain Level, Explain Snapshot, and Explain Mode.


Shows the contents of a package statement. Optionally, you can select a statement and click Explain to copy the statement to an ISQL Editor window. For more information, see Using the SQL Editor.


For details on using this tab, see Adding a Comment to an object.


For details on using this tab, see Working with Object Dependencies.

DDL View

For details on using this tab, see Viewing the SQL/DDL for an Object.

3. When finished, you can submit your changes. For details, see Previewing and Submitting Object Editor Changes.