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Navigating Performance Analyst is easily accomplished through two main mechanisms:

1 The main Performance Analyst toolbar buttons open the major performance analysis views (the toolbar buttons you see are self-explanatory) within the product as well as frequently used actions like Refresh and Performance Threshold Customizations.
2 If you right-click any area within Performance Analyst, the application displays a shortcut menu that lets you easily move between any of the main Performance Analyst home pages and drill-down views. The shortcut menu also contains context sensitive options like drilling down further into a particular statistic, copying the display to a text file, and more.

For more information, see Toolbar Icons.

Toolbar Icons

Performance Analyst has several unique icons that take you directly to some functions and statistical groups that can help you see and sort through groupings of data. The functional icons you see on the Performance Analyst toolbar are as follows:

  • Top Sessions - be15417d.jpg - This takes you directly to the Top Sessions tab of the Users Detail view where you see the Top I/O, Memory, CPU, and Sessions statistics.
  • Top SQL - be154181.jpg - Opens the Top SQL detail view and lets you move among the Summary, Criteria, SQL Details, and Recent History tabs.
  • Response Time (Oracle 10 g only) - be154185.jpg - Oracle 10g collects response time statistics, which are displayed when you click the icon.
  • Alarms - be15418a.jpg - Goes directly to the Alarms log.
  • Threshold Maintenance - be15418f.jpg - Clicking here opens the Threshold Template Maintenance dialog. Thresholds are explained in the Using chapter.
  • Refresh - be154195.jpg - Click this to update the stats/information on whatever page you are currently scrutinizing.
  • Options - be154199.jpg - To open thePerformance Analyst options dialog, where you can change the values for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, or DB2 options, click this cheerful checkerboard.
  • Exit - be15419e.jpg - This closes Performance Analyst for the database you are reviewing. If you have multiple Performance Analysts open, clicking this does not close all Analysts.
  • Maximize Window - be1541a2.jpg - This icon appears on each pane of a multi-pane window and lets you expand the pane of choice to fill the screen.
  • Minimize Window - be1541a6.jpg - When you have seen enough of an expanded pane, you can bring it back to its original size by clicking this icon.
  • Help - be1541aa.jpg - Another in this series of intuitive icons, click this to open the context-sensitive Help.