Primary Keys Editor (IBM DB2 LUW)

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The Primary Keys Editor lets you manage columns and properties for a primary key, and view space usage/allocation details.

To edit a primary key

  1. Open an editor on the primary key. For details, see Opening an Object Editor.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying the settings on the tabs of this editor:
Tab Settings and tasks


Displays the columns that make up the primary key. Optionally, you can:

Select a column and use the Delete key to remove the column from the primary key.

Select a column and use the arrow keys to reorder the columns in the primary key.


Displays the owning Table Schema and Table Name, the Name of the primary key, a Defined By property, and Percent Free and Minimum Percent Used properties.


Lets you view the following property groups:


Make Unique, System Required, Total Keys, Page Fetch Pairs, and Distinct Keys


Index Level, Cluster Ratio, Cluster Factor, Leaf Pages, Sequential Pages, and Density


First Key, First 2 Keys, First3 Keys, First 4 Keys, and Full Keys


For details on using this tab, see Adding a Comment to an object.

DDL View

For details on using this tab, see Viewing the SQL/DDL for an Object.

3. When finished, you can submit your changes. For details, see Previewing and Submitting Object Editor Changes.