Providing Custom Driver Properties When Registering Datasources

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Go Up to Manually Registering or Editing Datasources

The Datasource Registration Wizard’s Custom Driver Properties panel lets you specify optional, provider-specific connection string keywords or properties beyond those offered on other panels of the wizard.

Note: Consult driver/client documentation for details on supported driver properties. For a listing of supported DBMS drivers and clients, see the ReadMe.htm file for this release (View > Release Notes).

To add a driver property for this datasource connection

  1. Click New. An Add Driver Property dialog opens.
  2. Select a property name from the Name dropdown or type the name of the property. The dropdown is automatically populated with the most commonly-used properties for a platform driver. However, all properties (name/value pairs) supported for that driver can be specified.
  3. Type the property value in the Value field.
  4. Optionally, provide a Description.
  5. Click OK.

The dialog closes and the new property’s name and value are displayed in the Property Name/Property Value list.

Use the Edit button to initiate editing of a selected property name/value pair. Similarly, use the Delete button to remove a selected property name/value pair from the list.