Providing Security Parameters When Registering Datasources

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The Datasource Registration Wizard’s Security Parameters panel lets you provide user credentials and specify other DBMS-specific security settings. The following table describes these settings and their DBMS availability:

Option Description

User ID

The User ID that DBArtisan will use to connect to the datasource.


The password associated with the User ID.

Connect As (Oracle)

When relevant, choose the appropriate user/administrator level: NORMAL, SYSASM, SYSDBA, or SYSOPER.

Domain (SQL Server)

For MS SQL only. Identify the domain if the user has restricted access.

Auto connect?

Spares the user from reentering the password every time you connect. On individual computers, auto connect can be disabled by administrators. For details, see Locking Down Features Using the Registry.

Omit User ID and Password (Generic JDBC and Generic ODBC only)

Selected, no user ID or password are passed when connecting to the datasource.

Connect using Windows Authentication or Connect using OS Authentication (IBM DB2 for Windows, Unix, and Linux, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server)

Login to the server is verified using Windows/OS authentication

Connect using Kerberos Authentication (Sybase ASE)

If this option is selected, login to the server is verified using Kerberos authentication. NOTE: This is only available of the Use alias information in the SQL.INI file/Sybase Server option on the Connection Information tab is selected. For details, see Data Editor Options.

For more general information on registering datasources, see Manually Registering or Editing Datasources.