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The Query Builder tool bar lets you access commonly used features. The table below describes Query Builder tool bar functionality:

Name Function


Copies the current SQL statement to the clipboard.

Statement Box

Displays the type of statement currently on display in the main workspace window.

Stop Execution

Stops an executing query.


Executes the current SELECT or CREATE VIEW statement. If the button is not available, the statement is not executable.


Adjusts to the target node in the Query Builder Explorer window.


Displays, on the DML Tab, the ORDER BY or GROUP BY dialog boxes when target node is selected.


Deletes the target object.

Auto Layout

Resets the main workspace to the auto layout mode.

Auto Join

Finds and joins, automatically, like items by name.

Statement Check

Checks query syntax.

Edit Data

Opens Data Editor.


Closes the current query.

Note: Query Builder adjusts tool availability to match the current query functionality.