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The Refresh Table dialog lets you reload materialized query tables that have been defined with refresh options.

Platform Availability

To Reload a Materialized Query Table

  1. Initiate a Refresh Table action against one or more materialized query tables. For more information see Initiating an object operation.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying settings on the Refresh Materialized Query Table dialog:
Pane Description

Action Options

Select an Online Option of ALLOW NO ACCESS, ALLOW READ ACCESS or ALLOW WRITE ACCESS. Enable or disable Query Optimization. Select an INCREMENTAL or NOT INCREMENTAL Refresh Option.


Preview the DDL generated by the options you chose. For more information, see Preview.

3. Click Execute. For information on the scheduling option, see Scheduling.

For procedures on restoring a damaged master database, consult the Commands Reference Manual.