Resource Cost (ORCL)

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When you create a profile, you can assign a composite resource limit to it. The composite limit is a weighted average of four individual resource limits:

  • Connect time
  • Private SGA
  • CPU per session
  • Logical reads per session

The default setting is to weight each of these measures equally. You can alter the weights by issuing an ALTER RESOURCE COST command. DBArtisan provides a visual interface for constructing such a command.

Altering Resource Cost

  1. On the Utilities menu, select Alter Resource Cost.
    DBArtisan opens the Alter Resource Cost dialog.

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Alter Resource Cost dialog:

Option Description


In the box, specify the weightings for each resource limit by typing the weight value in the corresponding box: Connect time, Private SGA, CPU per session, or Logical reads per session.

Enable Resource Limits

Select to To enable the resource limit changes immediately.