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You can activate or deactivate roles for the current session. The Role Activation action builds and submits one or more SET ROLE commands.

Platform Availability

To Enable or Disable One or More Roles in the Current Session

  1. Right-click on a connected Sybase ASE or Oracle datasource node and select Role Activation from the context menu. The Role Activation dialog opens.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying settings in the wizard:
Panel Settings and tasks

Role Activation

The list contains entries for each role that has been granted to the current login. For information on granting/assigning roles to a login or user, see Users Editor (Oracle) and Logins Editor (Sybase ASE). To activate a role, select the Active check box associated with the role. If the role is configured to require a password, provide it in the Password box. To deactivate a role, deselect the Active check box associated with the role.


Preview the DDL generated for the operation and when ready, click Execute.

3. Click Execute.