Saving and Closing Scripts

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In DBArtisan, untitled scripts are named according to the following conventions:

Environment Default File Name Default File Suffix

SQL Editor



DDL Editor

The object name provided when invoking the DDL EDitor


Note: If you have set the Auto-Save feature in the Options Editor, a temporary copy of your scripts is automatically saved periodically as you work. For details, see ISQL Options.

To close a script

  1. On the on the Main menu, click Close.
  2. If you have not saved your script, you are prompted to save the file. Click Yes to save and No to close without saving.

Explicitly Saving a Script

With an ISQL window open, selecting File > Save or File > Save As opens a standard Save As dialog. It lets you save a new script, save an existing script with a new name and optionally with a different file suffix. The following Encoding schemes are supported:




UTF-16 Big Endian



UTF-8 (No BOM)

UTF-32 Little Endian


UTF-32 Big Endian


Automatic Save Operations

If you shut down the application or close an editor window while there are modified, unsaved scripts, you are prompted to save before completing the operation. The table below describes the options and functionality on the Save Modified Documents dialog

Option Description

Save All

Click to save documents in all open ISQL windows.

Save Selected

Click to save selected documents.


Click to clear selection.

Save None

Click to not save documents and close the application.