Session 8: Fixing Identified Problems Using Performance Analyst for Microsoft

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Go Up to Performance Analyst for Microsoft SQL Server Tutorial

Finding performance problems is one thing, but fixing them is another. Many performance monitors point out a particular problem in a database, but then offer no way to actually correct the situation. Such is not the case with Performance Analyst. Because of its tight integration with DBArtisan, certain problems found in Performance Analyst can be visually corrected by DBArtisan.

A Space Problem Correction Example

If an Microsoft SQL Server tablespace is about to run out of free space, Performance Analyst can issue an alarm that a space shortage exists. Once the space problem has been identified, do the following:

  1. On the Space home page toolbar, click the Space button.
  2. In the Space Analyst grid, right-click a tablespace, and then select Manage with DBArtisan.
    DBArtisan opens an editor where you can perform corrective actions, such as enabling Autoextend for the tablespace, resizing the tablespace’s existing datafile(s), or adding a new datafile for the tablespace.